Group Meditation

Join an ever increasing crowd for group meditation and reboot your mind and body. This is open to everyone even if you’ve never meditated before. Come and experience the dynamic of large group meditations.



To break through to a new level in our life sometimes we need a little guidance, nudging and a firm shoulder to lean on. In these sessions you’ll bust old paradigms and discover a new version of yourself that was always there however you just couldn’t see it.



Tom has presented his calming knowledgeable talks on stress, the body, meditation and global peace far and wide, from Malaysia, Mexico, Bali and Australia. Whether it is a conference, a retreat, a school event, sports teams or corporate training, Tom is available to deliver an informative and entertaining presentation that will enlighten the audience.


About Tom Cronin

Tom spent 26 years as a broker in finance trading inflation swaps and bonds for the banks. He recently walked away from the industry at the height of his career to fulfill his mission of spreading calm and stillness across the globe.

He discovered meditation in the early stages of his career in finance as a tool for stress management. Tom’s experiences through the meditation were not only immediate but very profound. He explored deeper and deeper into the realms of his meditation practice and after studying advanced courses in Bali, India and Australia, he qualified as a Meditation Teacher.

Today, Tom is on a mission. He has an unwavering commitment to reducing stress and chaos in people’s lives, cultivating peace, calm and shared abundance across the globe, and assisting in the planetary shift that is already taking place. Using multiple streams from film, online, retreats, blogs, books, and personal mentoring, he hopes to inspire 1 billion people to sit in Stillness daily and connect with their inner Being and transcending the barriers of separation.

When Tom isn’t with his family, writing, teaching meditation or travelling the globe on his mission,
he can be found riding his longboard along the east coast of Australia, in the crowd at a music festival or on his yoga mat in some twisted position all the while exuding radiant bliss and calm.